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Ritchie Engineering "Yellow Jacket" A/C evacuation pumps.  Also lots of good tech tip info online.

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[computersculpture.com/ Pages/ Index Links]
ComputerSculpture.com - "We use the tools we sell, represent many different manufacturers & lines, honest about strengths & weaknesses. Cheapest place on the Internet to buy these tools."
[rolanddga.com/ asd/ products/ scanners/ MDX15]
MDX-15/20 Scanning And Milling Machine - can scan, mill, reverse model, rapid prototype, create jewelry and models, small production runs.  Spindle tip for state-of-the-art CNC milling, or Active Piezo Sensor for precise 3D scanning.
  • Unattended scanning and milling
  • Active Piezo Scanning Sensor
  • Subtractive Rapid Prototyping
  • Software included
  • CNC mill handles light metals, such as aluminum and brass
  • Max scan resolution = 0.002"
  • MDX-15 max work volume: X=6", Y=4", Z=2-3/8"
  • MDX-20 max work volume: X=8", Y=6", Z=2-3/8"
  • List prices $3,000 & $4,500.

[woodweb.com/ knowledge base/ Cost of running a CNC router]
Cost of running a CNC router - forum exchange about choosing the right CNC machine based on projected capabilities and costs as of  Nov. 2000.  Lots of good commercial insight.
[angelfire.com/ ego/ stevenmanzer/ CNCMachines]
Building home brew CNC machine.
[crankorgan.com]  [crankorgan.com/ pipe]
John C. Kleinbauer's Unique Plans for Hobbyists - DIY CNC machine plans.