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 Parts & Supplies
 DIY How To Advise, Automotive
 Air Conditioning Equipment Specifications and Capacities. [ac_specs]
 DIY How To Advise, Building
 Air Conditioning Theory.
 Common Automotive Air Conditioning Terms. 
 Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling.
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 A/C Parts & Supplies

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Dale's "AC Parts House", North Banana River Drive, on Merritt Ialand at the triangle intersection.

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DIY How To Advise, Automotive

Arizona Mobile Air Inc. - "Automotive Air Conditioning Procedures, Tips and FAQ." Good collection of practical auto A/C info.
Online Automotive A/C Reference Guide, Automotive Air Conditioning - FAQ's and Technical Information.
View Automotive Air Conditioning Articles by Category:
A/C Basics, Automotive A/C FAQ's Articles by Ignacio,
Tech Tips from Nacho, Link Directory, Links to Other A/C Sites, Pattern Failures, Common A/C failures, Retrofit/Conversion, R134a Retrofit FAQ, Service Tools, You'll need tools, Tables & Charts, Tech Tips, Magic for A/C problems, Tech Tips from the AAG, Cool AAG Member Tips.
Most Popular Automotive A/C Questions:
   1. What is Black Death?
   2. How Refrigerant Flows Through the System
   3. A/C Flush FAQ
   4. Air Powered A/C Vacuum Pumps
   5. Location and Replacement of Cabin Air Filters
   6. What Does it Mean to Flush the A/C System?
   7. Condensate Drain on Jeep Grand Cherokee
   8. The First Step to Successful Refrigerant Leak Detection
   9. Troubleshooting with Gauges FAQ
  10. Which Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector to Buy?
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Air Conditioning Equipment Specifications and Capacities.

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A mess of WWW A/C links

Why we love air conditioning!
Just what is auto air conditioning?
Air conditioning
Air Conditioning System #4
A Cars HVAC System
Auto HVAC system
Ceiling Fans – Their Uses and Drawbacks
Thermal energy storage
How Air-Conditioning Works
Do You Know How Important Your Air Conditioner Filter Is?
How Important Is Your Air Conditioner Filter?
United Technologies Corporation
Five Guidelines In Purchasing A Central Air Conditioning Unit
Air Conditioning Maintenance
What's so Special about Air-Conditioning Compressors?
What's so Special about Air-Conditioning Compressors?
Don't Lose Your Cool When Selecting An Air Conditioning Contractor
How to Slash your Electricity Bill in 10 Easy Steps
How To Save Energy And Slash Electricity Bills
Ways To Save Energy And Slash Electricity Bills
Air Conditioning Shopping Guide
A Look At Electronic Air Filters -
Sampoong Department Store collapse
Platform screen doors
Allergy Control: Reducing Airborne Allergens in your Home
Condensers - The Liquid Producers
Portable Air Conditioners Ensure Economy And Convenience
Cooling Down by Evaporating
Convert your automotive air conditioner from R-12 to R-134 Refrigerant.

Another  mess of WWW A/C links

A/C Basics, There were 22 questions found in this category:
  1. A Word about Safety
    Automotive air conditioning service should only be performed by trained personnel.  Service technicians should always have the proper e...

  2. A/C Flush FAQ

    Question: When should the system be flushed?

    Answer: We believe if the a/c system is opened for service, it...

  3. Air Powered A/C Vacuum Pumps
    Question:  Can I use an air powered vacuum pump instead of the more expensive electric vacuum pump? What's the difference. The purpose of a vacu...

  4. Automotive Refrigerant Leak Sealers FAQ
    This article courtesy Cool Profits Magazine
    This is an updated version of an article which first appeared in Cool Profits Ma...

  5. Can You Explain the Purpose of a Receiver-Drier?
    The receiver-drier is found on systems that use a thermal expansion valve. This type of metering valve requires liquid refrigerant. Therefore, to en...

  6. Differences between R12 and R134a
    One of the differences between R-134a and R-12 is the boiling points. Pure R-12 will boil at -22 degrees Fahrenheit while R-134a boils at -16 degrees ...

  7. Do I Really Need to Change my Receiver-Drier/Accumulator?
    Desiccant is used to trap the moisture inside your A/C system. The receiver-drier and accumulator contains a bag of dessicant which is used to trap...

  8. How do I use the gauge set with my vacuum pump?
    If your ready to vacuum an empty system, you begin by attaching the middle hose (yellow) to the vacuum pump port.  With both manifold valves turn...

  9. How Refrigerant Flows Through the System
    The following explanations that describe the flow of refrigerant were taken from the bulletin board. They were all good, and each describe the flow ...

  10. Lost Refrigerant License
    I had an R12 license and lost it. How can I get a new one?

    It would really help if you knew who the original credentials came from. Looki...

  11. Micron Rating of a Vacuum Pump
    Question: What's the story with the Micron rating of a vacuum pump? I'm assuming that smaller is better, but what does it mean as far as practical app...

  12. Pressure Chart Question - Readings with Compressor On or Off
    Question:  I am chargeing my 1992 ford auto air conditioning.  Looking at the pressure chart it has ambient temp, low side p.s.i and high si...

  13. The First Step to Successful Refrigerant Leak Detection
    A complete visual examination is the first step in the leak detection process. Before you pick up that electronic leak detector, take a close look...

  14. Troubleshooting with Gauges FAQ
    A visitor comes to us with questions about what might be wrong with the a/c in their car. It goes something like this. My air conditioning was working...

  15. What are the Benifits of Leak Testing with Nitrogen?
    We fond the answer to that question in an article which first appeared in the May/August 2001 edition of Cool Profit$ Magazine. This article was w...

  16. hat Does it Mean to Flush the A/C System?
    Flushing must be performed when the system is contaminated or you suspect there is debris in the system from compressor failure. When a/c compressor...

  17. What is Black Death?
    Black Death The subject of system flushing would not be complete without discussing Black Death. Below you will find an interesting article which f...

  18. What is Section 609 (MVAC) Certification?
    Since 1993, all technicians performing automotive a/c service for consideration must certify to the U.S. EPA that they understand how to properly ha...

  19. What Oil to use on O-rings?
    When replacing A/C system O-rings, it's always recommended to lubricate all O-rings with clean 525 viscosity mineral oil.  Oil on ...

  20. What's the Function of the Evaporator?
    The evaporator provides several functions. Its primary duty is to remove heat from the inside of your vehicle. A secondary benefit is dehumidifi...
  21. Which Oil to Use with R-134a?
    Question:  With so many oils available, which one should I use?  Is there a good universal oil? You should use the oil that matches the r...

  22. Will I Gain by Wrapping my Lines and Hoses in Foam?
    Many people think that you can improve performance by insulating cold refrigerant lines from engine heat. Some design engineers may even use insulat...

Sanden SD7V16 Compressors: Check the Reed Valves!
May 30, 2006
Broken suction reed valves inside compressor


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