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housework Cleaning, House Work
Bathroom Remodeling Info
gen_repair General Home Repair Info

Cleaning, House Work

  For the housekeeping challenged.

Steam cleaning your own carpets

Carpet Care - University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS)  []

Top 6 Carpet Steam Cleaners []

Bissell "Deep Cleaning machines", apparently only the 'ProHeat' models have onboard heaters (+25*F). sales pitch: []  Around $125-$250 wild guess.  Good rep, but wimpy specs.

Rug Doctor [] vague [specs], high prices ($700-$900).

Reliable Vapor Steam Cleaner System $250-$350  []

Aztec Heated Mini Extractor -  $600-$650 [] []
These things sound serious, and at a serious price.  Several rebranded models, all alike except for color, casters, other minor details.

Bathroom Remodeling Info

[] Alta Vista seach, "home bathroom remodel how to DIY" (~200k hits)
[] - "Bathroom Remodeling: What Are your Options?"

General Home Repair Info

[] - lots of home repair/maint/improve articles, search by topic/keyword.