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[Autonnic Research] [Tiny-Tach] Small engine tachometers.
[EpoxyWorks_mag] W.E.S.T. epoxy.
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[homepage] [advisors] West Marine 
[Head_Mistress] [book] Peggie Hall, marine plumbing expert.  ("She wrote the book...")
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Yandina Ltd.
[C27] Dr. Judy's sailing website.

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Boat motors
Boat Plans (mostly dinghies)
Boat Sails, Fabrics, Sewing Supplies, Etc.
Boat Canvas $/yd./width/wt.
SeaMark 60" 16oz
Top Gun
62" 11oz
Stamoid 59"(?) 12.7oz
Sunbrella (regular) 46" 9.25oz Sunbrella (8400 Urethane backed) 60" 10oz Aqualon 60" 9oz
$15 $23 $13 $23
CSC_Textiles $26 $15
$__ $23

Scalise_Marine (Ft.Lauderdale) $25  
$23_/80"/'light'oz $20

$__ $__ $__ $__

West Marine
$__ $__ $__ $__

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