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Microsoft links
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Windows XP links
Microsoft Windows XP related WWW links.
Microsoft Windows Word related WWW links.
Non-Microsoft tech info sites.
MsOfc Tech Microsoft Office tech info sites.
ms bashing Microsoft bashing websites.

Handy links into Microsoft's websites.

Microsoft links
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[msdn/ ... /library] Microsoft Developers Library Home Page. (frame-intensive)
"...technical programming information, including sample code, documentation, technical articles, and reference guides."
[msdn.microsoft.com /archive]
MSDN Library Archive, home page (for products no longer sold.)
[support microsoft com/ faqs]
Microsoft Product Support Center FAQs - Gain access to Microsoft's searchable knowledgebase, step-step instructions and how to articles, software and hardware FAQs, webcasts, downloads, and newsgroup views.

[andrewdavidson.com /articles /crypticvisualc/]
"Visual C++ Cryptic Error Messages... And How to Fix Them"  (Helpful hints for when you are compiling with Visual C++ 6.0)

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Microsoft Windows XP related websites.

Windows XP links
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[microsoft.com/ windows/ using/ windowsxp]
Microsoft's official guide to Windows XP.  Topics include: Digital photography, Games for Windows, Making movies, Music and video, TV and multimedia, Instant messaging, Security and privacy, Computer setup and maintenance, Home and small office networking, Pen and ink, Working remotely, Accessibility, Internet tips.
[keyboardconnections.com/ windows]
Page of links to other Microsoft tutorials sponsored by Nancy Slonneger - "Technology Integration Specialist, Integrating Technology into Today's Home Office."
[baycongroup.com/ windows_xp]
Windows XP Questions and Answers - Very basic 'what is this?' type Q & A.



[baycongroup.com/ wlesson0] Microsoft Word XP2003/2002 Tutorial.  This Microsoft Word tutorial can help you get started using Microsoft Word.

Microsoft bashing websites.

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Flagship site of the Microsoft Eradication Society.
[itexaminer.com/ microsofts anti piracy tool upsets legitimate chinese consumers]
"Microsoft's anti-piracy tool upsets legitimate Chinese consumers - Big Brother is watching you", by Umli Miuli and Aharon Etengoff, October 27, 2008.
[lugod.org/ microsoft]
"Reasons To Avoid Microsoft" - pro-Linux site.

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