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Links to how to use HTML websites.
Links to HTML related download websites.  (Editors, other tools, snippets, etc.)
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How-To  Websites

Using Netscape Composer Using Netscape Composer - the authoritative tutorial from Netscape themselves.
Netscape Composer Handbook The official Netscape Composer Handbook from Netscape themselves.
WebMonkey WebMonkey beginner friendly tutorial on HTML authoring.
frameset_design How to design webpages using HTML frames.
nv.cc.va.us Very good HTML tutorial!
[the site wizard .com] Website design, promotion, programming and revenue making.  Excellent how-to website on website design!
[download cnet.com/ 8301 2007 4 9714054 12] "Roll your own Adobe $2,500 Adobe Creative Suite 3 for free" - How-To on freeware graphics editors, etc.
[adobe.com/ support/ dreamweaver] Not that mere mortals can afford DreamWeaver, but some good how-to articles on Website design.

Links to HTML related download websites

(Editors, other tools, snippets, etc.)

[description] [download]
"WYSIWYG HTML Editor 1" is easy to use.  You can create your own Web site within a minute.  Just type your message like you use word editor and save it in HTML format.  Easy to manage using Internet Explorer.
[wikipedia.org/ wiki/ KompoZer]
KompoZer - popular open source WYSIWYG HTML Editor.
[wikipedia.org/ wiki/ SeaMonkey]
[seamonkey project.org]
SeaMonkey is a free, open source, and cross-platform Internet suite.  It is the continuation of the former Mozilla Application Suite, based on the same source code.  SeaMonkey consists of a web browser (SeaMonkey Navigator), which is a descendant of the Netscape family, an e-mail and news client program (which shares code with Mozilla Thunderbird), an HTML editor (SeaMonkey Composer) and an IRC client (ChatZilla).
[description] [download] [more_info]

[thesitewizard.com /reviews /nvu]
"Nvu" - Nvu is a reworking of the old Netscape Composer.  A complete web authoring system for Linux desktop users as well as Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver.  Nvu makes managing a web site a snap. Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML.  Nvu is 100% open source.

Review of Nvu, a free standalone WYSIWYG web editor.
[sirendesign .net /ernweb /design] Free Design Tools:  Software Applications for Drawing, Photo Manipulation, Web Development, Graphic Design and More.

How to Design and Publish Your Website with Mozilla Composer (Tutorial)

Free HTML Editors, Free Web Editors, Free WYSIWYG Web Editors

Free Programmers' Editors, IDEs, Syntax Highlighting Editors, ASCII Text Editors

Which Web Host Would You Recommend? (FAQ)

Mailing List Hosts Reviews: Review of Topica

More Reviews of Webmasters' Software, Services and Books

Free Feedback Form Wizard: Create Customized Contact Forms

Links to HTML Validation & Compliance Related Websites

W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium - info on current and proposed HTML specs.
[w3.org/ MarkUp/ html spec]
HTML 2.0 specs.
[w3.org/ MarkUp/ Wilbur]
HTML 3.2 specs.
[w3.org/ TR/ REC html40]
HTML 4.0 specs.
[htmlhelp.com/ design/ standards]
Web Design Group - Standards for HTML Authoring for the World Wide Web.
[wdvl.com/ Authoring/ HTML/ Standards]
The WDVL: HTML Standards Compliance - Why Bother?

W3C HTML Validation Service.
[htmlhelp.com/ tools/ csscheck]
CSSCheck, a Cascading Style Sheets Lint.



Links to Web Browser Compatibility Related Websites

[anybrowser.org/ campaign]
Yea! - I'm not he only one annoyed by browser-specific web pages!
[netmechanic.com/ products/ Browser Tutorial]
This tutorial explains why you may be seeing browser display errors and recommends steps to avoid these problems.
[accessible.org/ browser compatibility]
WAI guidelines summary - makes browser compatibility issues almost disappear.
[newfangled.com/ browser compatibility standards]
Browser Compatibility Standards - From Web Smart Newsletter, "Browser Battles," July 2002 & 2006, Eric Holter.
[newfangled.com/ browser compatibility support]
Browser Compatibility Support Issues - From Web Smart Newsletter, "Browser Battles," July 2002 & 2006, Eric Holter.
A Compendium of HTML Elements (has browser compatibility lists)
[hotwired.com/ webmonkey/ reference/ browser chart]
Webmonkey - Browser Chart

[w3.org/ Amaya] [w3.org/ Amaya/ User/ BinDist]
Amaya - (W3C, Windows and Unix)
Amaya is the W3C's test-bed browser/authoring tool used to demo & test new developments in Web protocols & data formats.  It's versatile, extensible, available for Unix and Windows.  Offers a complete WYSIWYG web browsing and authoring environmentsimilar to commercial browsers. 
[adobe.com/ products/ golive/ main]
Adobe GoLive (Adobe/GoLive, Mac and Windows) -
complete web design tool and site management package.  Some of the features which make it useful for accessible site design are:  ability to target for specified HTML or browser versions, clean and valid code,  HTML checker, included scripts (for Javascript and DHTML) designed to degrade appropriately and work in multiple browser versions, and quality text editor included (but able to use your editor).
[macromedia.com/ software/ dreamweaver]
Macromedia Dreamweaver (Mac & Windows)
a graphical editor w/site management, text editors (HomeSite/BBEdit).  Won't change your HTML unless you ask it to.



Open Source Nvu - Best Free HTML Editor

Open Source Nvu.

In reality Nvu is nothing new but rather a reworking of the old Netscape Composer. Composer was always a solid product and the revamp has lifted the product into another class. Here is an HTML editor and site manager that's easy enough for beginners to use but powerful enough to build large sites. It's closer in concept to Microsoft's FrontPage more than any other product but unlike FrontPage it, thankfully, produces standards compliant code. Its easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor will delight HTML newbies while HTML honchos can simply click a tab to switch to code view. Multiple tabs can be kept open to allow simultaneous editing and there is excellent support for forms, tables and templates. An internal spell-checker is included. CSS is handled through the CaScadeS editor from Mozilla Composer. Nvu also has the handy ability to call W3C's HTML validator from within the product. It's also extensible via XUL.

Nvu can upload files to your site via FTP and has some basic site management features but this is not its strength. Indeed the FTP side of the program has proved so problematic for some users  that they have switched to using an external FTP client for uploading their sites.  Overall it's an impressive product; no, it's not a replacement for commercial products like DreamWeaver but those looking for a competent, free, easy to use,  WYSIWYG HTML editor need look no further.

If you want an editor that puts you closer to the code then you might consider 1st Page 2000. It's a free, earlier version of Evrsoft's excellent 1st Page 2006 editor and while lacking many of the features of the latter, is still an excellent product.  It's not the best choice though for HTML newbies. Note: The download seems to have been removed from the vendor's site. It is available elsewhere though...  

[nvu.com]  Free Open Source, Windows 98 and later plus Linux, 6.57MB
[evrsoft.com] Evrsoft's "1st Page 2001" editor,  also available for free download from [http://www.voodoofiles.com/4836], Windows 98 and later, 5.2MB.