February 5th, 2011 rescue pull by Leon for Space Coast Feline Network, to Tampa rescues

Descriptions Photos (if available)

A______ "Snowhite" SACC

stray that was just left in the SACC gatebox.  She was on adoption row when a little girl was holding her and she got scared of a loud noise and scratched the little girl on the arm. She is now released from Quarentine, but she now has URI and is in our isolation room.  Shes very sweet and just needs a quite home, and she loves to be held.

A540254 SACC

female, brown tabby and white Domestic Shorthair, about 4 months old, at SACC since Jan 10, 2011.


A541204 SACC

Male B&W tux Domestic Shorthair, 4 months age.

A541291 SACC

Female, Calico and white(?) Domestic Shorthair, about 6 months old,at SACC since Jan 25, 2011.

Looks like tiger tabby w/tux, orange forehead.


 Male smoke, sort of Russian Blue/tabby w/tux, Domestic Shorthair, about 3 months age, at SACC since Jan 29, 2011.

Adopted before rescue!  Substituted two similar kittens.


A538700 "Hot Fudge" NACC

Black and white tux, Domestic Mediumhair, about 6 years old.  Weighs 17# and is super friendly.  At NACC since Dec. 13, 2010, in their "visitor" room.

A542048 "Harley" 1014 - NACC

Big male chocolate point and beige Siamese type with blue eyes, whitetux, banged up nose, 18#, about 11 years old.  Owner surrender - apparently guy took for his neice a few years ago to keep them out of the shelter, but here they are now.  Scratches on his nose from owner using chicken wire up to keep another cat off his porch.  Harley kept rubbing his nose against it.  At NACC since Feb 03, 2011.

A542051 "Boo" 1016 - NACC

Male, flame point orange and white tabby, blue eyes, banged up nose. about 11 years old, Domestic Shorthair. NACC-1014's house mate since Feb 03, 2011.

A535627 1039 - NACC

NACC female tabby, young and sick
female, brown tabby Domestic Shorthair, young and sick.  At NACC since Oct 26, 2010.

A513433, "River" NACC

black and white female, very timid and frightened (she had our name and phone# on her cage)

Adopted before rescue!


A539924 NACC

female, white and black Domestic Shorthair, about 1 year and 7 months old, at NACC since Jan 04, 2011.

1041 - A540982 "Peppa" NACC

Female B&W tux Domestic Shorthair about 3 months old, sharing kennel with 1039 so also sick but very sweet.  At NACC since Jan 20, 2011.

A541267 "OZZIE" NACC

Neutered male, brown tabby w/some white Domestic Shorthair, about 6 years old.  At NACC since Jan 25, 2011.

A541323 1021 - NACC

NACC female brown tabby about 6 months old, Domestic Shorthair, at the NACC Jan 25, 2011.

A541496 1025 - NACC

NACC (2) male tabby tux kittens, 2 months

A541502 1025 - NACC

NACC (2) male tabby tux kittens, 2 months

A540562 NACC

Male, black kitten, Domestic Shorthair, about 5 months old.  At NACC since Jan 14, 2011.

A540565 NACC

Female, tortie point Domestic Shorthair, about 1 year and 7 months old.  At NACC since Jan 14, 2011.

I think Olya is taking A540565 female siamese and her baby A540562 black male kitten. They can probably travel in a carrier together.