Please Adopt a Rescued
Cat or Kitten
These cats and kittens were rescued from life threatening situations.  (For details, see individual fliers or ask.)  Adopting a rescued animal helps me rescue another.  Ask about other ways you can help.  Each cat or kitten has been spayed or neutered, is socialized, free of parasites, litter box trained, up to date on vaccinations, and has a micro-chip.  Please feel free to ask for more info.  I love talking about my cats!

Before you open a cage or stick your hand in...

These cats and kittens are gentle and friendly
in a familiar environment with people they know and trust.  (I wouldn't be offering them for adoption if they weren't!)  But this is not their home and they don't know you.   So -- if you would like to pet a cat, ask me to introduce you to the cat.  If you would like to see a cat outside its cage, ask me to get the cat out for you.  Some of cats don't mind being held by strangers, but some don't like it.  I'll let you know which cats it's OK to handle.  The cats thank you for your consideration.  Meow!