"Woolybear"is a young adult neutered male longhair black cat.

Playing with pingpong balls.
Staring, hoping for play.
This beautiful kitten with medium-long soft thick black fur showed up at a feral Trap - Neuter - Return (TNR) clinic in Novenber 2011.  He was growling, spitting, and swatting, clearly born feral.  He was diverted into foster care in hopes of socializing him and placing him in a permanent home as a pet.  The next day he was rolling around on his back in my lap, purring for belly rubs.   I've never seen a cat get over being feral so fast.  Woolybear is very friendly, gentle, laid back, quiet, and enjoys being picked up and cuddled.  He has been neutered, vaccinated, has a micro-chip, and has been tested for:  Feline Leukemia (FeLuk), Feline Immune deficiency Virus (FIV), and heart worms.  He is free of parasites, litter box trained , and is in excellent health.  

For more info contact Leon(321)784-8406, <SailinCat@SailinCat.com>

Weights, Treatments, Notes
September, 2011 Approx. birth date based on weight when trapped. mom cat
Novenber 12, 2011 Fostered.  Weight approx 2#, good health,
0.5cc Frontline Plus (big dog) flea treatment.
Combo test (FIV/FeLuk/HW, all neg).
Ivermectin, 1st distemper vaccination.
Neutered, checkup.
Leon S

Tina B

Dr. Burton
January 8, 2012 Rabies vaccination (3-year, but can't find the cert), 2nd distemper vaccination, weight approx 4#. Tina B/
Dr. Burton
July 8, 2012 Revolution flea treatment 0.4cc. Leon S
July 27, 2012 Drontal dewormer 1 tablet. Leon S
Aug. 3, 2012Revolution flea treatment 0.4cc.Leon S
Aug. 16, 2012100mg ponazuril (diluted Marquis Paste) Leon S
Aug. 25, 2012Weight approx. 10#. Leon S
Aug. __, 2012Lump on chin diagnosed as adolecent acne.  Administering oral Clavamox series, 62.5mg twice daily.   Leon S
Sept. 5, 2012Microchip, 3rd distemper vaccination, 2nd rabies vaccination (didn't lose the cert this time).   Leon S
Sept. 7, 2012Revolution flea treatment 0.4cc, Drontal dewormer 1 tablet, Capstar flea treatment 1 tablet.
Leon S
Woolybear's Microchip Data
Implanted: Sept. 5, 2012, Tina Chip #: 985 170 001 513 239 Tracking Service: HomeAgain