"Goldie" light orange young male cat.

Goldie in bookcase Dec.'08.
December 2008 photo of Goldie.
One of my neighbors found Goldie as an abandoned kitten about three to four months old crying in the bushes.  He was  nearly starved and covered in fleas.  They were going to call Animal Control to get rid of him.  He spent almost a year with a nice cat lady who fed him and began to socialize him.  When she could no longer care for him, I took him to my house.  He is very playful and loves people.  He enjoys being pet, but squirms gently if picked up and held.   As a kitten, Goldie lost two teeth to gum disease.  His mouth seems fine now, and he has no trouble eating.  This cat is neutered, up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, free of parasites, and has a microchip.
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Weights, Treatments, Notes
Date Note By
2007 Rescued  Leon S
2007 Combo test (neg/neg) Tina B
2007 Neutered
Oct. 10 2007 1st rabies and at least one distemper vaccinations. T'ville SPCA
(This cat has lived in more than one foster home.  Many of his vet records have been misplaced.)
Dec. 1, 2008 2nd rabies vaccination, wt=8#  T'ville SPCA
Dec. 23, 2008Sargent's Gold flea treatment for cats & kittens.Leon S
Jan. 13, 2009 1cc Hartx UltraGuard OneSpot flea treatment. Leon S
Feb. 5, 20090.7cc Frontline Plus (big dog) flea treatment.Leon S

Goldie's Microchip Data

Implanted by, date: Dr. Buchanan, June 2, 2008.
Chip #:
Tracking Service:
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