"Brooke" a spayed female Lynx Point Siamese kitten

Rescued July 10, 2011.
July 23, 2011.
This kitten has been incredibly gentle and friendly ever since arriving at a feral spay/neuter clinic in a trap.  She was purring and snuggling while still awaking from major surgery and anesthesia which causes most cats to be paranoid and aggressive.  She didn't even put up resistance when given a bath less than a day after capture.  She loves to be pet and cuddled.  Brooke is named for a clinic volunteer who really wanted to foster her, but couldn't.   Although Brooke's fur is short, she has a bushy tail.  This kitten has been spayed, vaccinated, and has a micro-chip.  She is free of parasites, litter box trained, and is in excellent health.  

For more info contact Leon(321)784-8406, <SailinCat@SailinCat.com>

Weights, Treatments, Notes
Born early to
mid May, 2011
Based on 2+lb. weight when trapped feral. mom cat
July 10, 2011 Trapped, fostered.  Weight approx 2#, good health, flea treatment.  
Spayed, 1st rabies vaccination & checkup.
combo test (neg/neg), ivermectin, 1st distemper vaccination, micro chipped.
Leon S
Dr. Burton
Tina B
July 24, 2011 Capstar 1/4 tablet flea treatment for Petco. Leon S
July 26, 20110.25mL Frontline Plus (big dog) flea treatment.Leon S
Aug. 1, 2011  Adopted!
Aug. __, 2011 2nd distemper vaccination. Dr. ___
____, 2012 2nd rabies vaccination. Dr. ___

Microchip Data
Implanted: July 10, 2011, Tina Chip #: 985 121 011 118 056 Tracking Service: HomeAgain